Breast milk rings

Discover my exquisite collection of breast milk rings, subtly tinted with the delicate color of your birthstone. I pay special attention to every detail of the creation process, preserving the subtle and natural hue of the breast milk.

January breast milk ring

January - Garnet

February breast milk ring

February - Amethyst

March breast milk ring

March - Aquamarine

breast milk ring

April - Diamond

Mai breast milk ring

May - Emerald

June breast milk ring

June - Light Amethyst

breast milk ring

July - Ruby

breast milk ring

August - Peridot

breast milk ring

September - Sapphire

breast milk ring

October - Tourmaline

breast milk ring

November - Topaz

breast milk ring

December - Blue Topaz

Through my unique artisanal process, I am able to add a gentle shade of your birthstone color to the breast milk, creating a beautiful variation of tones. While the color is not dominant due to the small amount used, it adds a special and personalized touch to each ring.

In addition to preserving the subtle color of the milk, I also offer the option to choose a color that is more representative of your birthstone. I understand the importance of personalizing your jewelry according to your preferences, and I am committed to faithfully reproducing the vision you have in mind.

Each ring in my collection is crafted with passion and expertise, resulting in unique pieces of jewelry that reflect maternal love and the beauty of motherhood. Let yourself be captivated by the subtlety of the hues and the profound symbolism of these breast milk rings, created especially for you.

Explore my online collection now and discover how my breast milk rings tinted with the color of your birthstone can represent your precious bond with your child while adding a personalized touch of beauty to your everyday life.