Fetstan : Creating personalised Breast milk rings

Discover the ultimate expression of maternal love with our exquisite breast milk rings. At Fetstan, I believe that every drop of breast milk is precious, and I have developed a unique process to transform this special bond into timeless jewelry. Explore my passion for creating unique pieces that embody the essence of motherhood.

Here are some styles

breast milk ring with opal

With white Opals incorporated


See the steps of how I make a breast milk ring here

I pay meticulous attention to every detail of the breast milk jewelry creation process. I begin by adding a preservative powder to the breast milk, allowing it to be preserved in its original purity. Once the milk is processed, I transform it into a delicate powder, ready to become the central element of our exquisite rings.

I then combine this breast milk powder with high-quality resin, carefully chosen for its durability and beauty. I craft each ring with precision, carefully listening to the wishes of my clients. Whether you prefer a classic ring with no additions or desire to include hair, sparkling accents, or breathtaking opals, I am committed to faithfully recreating your vision.

A Unique Ring for Every Story

Each Fetstan breast milk ring tells a unique story - your story. The color of our rings varies from pure white to a slightly creamy hue, depending on the individual composition of breast milk. It is this variety that makes our jewelry even more special, reflecting the uniqueness of each mother and child.

Timeless Beauty

I understand the importance of preserving and protecting my creations. That's why I seal each ring with a robust coating, ensuring its durability and resistance to the elements. The exceptional brilliance of my breast milk jewelry reflects light in a captivating way, accentuating the essence of maternal love it embodies.

Fetstan: Your Destination for Exceptional Jewelry

I am proud to offer breast milk jewelry that is more than just accessories. Each Fetstan ring is crafted with passion and expertise, resulting in extraordinary pieces. I am committed to making your experience with us unforgettable by creating unique jewelry that reflects your story.

Explore our online collection now and discover how our breast milk jewelry can symbolize the unconditional love that binds you.