Unique and personalised Rings to Express Your Individuality

At Fetstan, we believe that everyone deserves a ring that reflects their unique personality. That's why we create custom rings using high-quality precious and semi-precious stones, such as jasper, tiger's eye, coral, mooklite, malachite, unakite, epidote, yellow and green aventurine, amazonite, obsidian, mother of pearl, tourmaline, and many more. We use these stones to create refined, urban, and elegant designs that add a touch of class to any outfit.

Our rings are handmade by skilled artisans who take the time to ensure that each ring is unique and of superior quality. We know that purchasing a ring is a significant investment, which is why we take pride in creating jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

We are aware that current jewelry trends are focused on unique, custom, and personalised pieces. That's why our rings are designed to meet these demands, with special attention paid to every detail to ensure that each ring is a unique work of art.

Our goal is to create rings that reflect your unique personality, so you can proudly wear them and cherish them for years to come. Our unique and custom designs are suitable for all tastes and styles, whether you're looking for a classic and timeless ring or a more daring and modern piece. Let us create the ring of your dreams for you and express your individuality with style. Contact us today to start creating your unique ring.

Latest Custom Ring Creations

yooperlite ring


UV reactive yooperlite

shark tootth ring


60 to 45 million years fossil

Ring of 3 tigers

3 Tigers

3 Types of Tiger's Eye

Dark Sky Amazonite Ring

Dark Sky

Black Tiger's Eye + Amazonite

Green tiger eye and copper ring

Copper Forest

Green Tiger Eye and Copper

Mother of pearl ring

Nocturnal Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl

Black Jasper Ring

Jasper Fusion

Black Jasper + Red Tiger's Eye

Custom Tiger's Eye Ring

Wild Elegance

Brown Tiger's Eye

Green Eclipse Tiger Eye Ring

Green Eclipse

Black and Green Tiger Eye

Midnight blue opal Fetstan ring

Mystical Night

Obsidian + Midnight Blue Opal

Sparkling Ocean Ring

Sparkling Ocean

Opal + Amazonite