The making of a breast milk rings

Each breast milk jewelry piece I create is the result of meticulous attention to detail. I begin by preserving the purity of the breast milk by adding a preservative powder. Then, I transform it into a delicate powder that will become the central element of my beautiful rings.

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To bring these rings to life, I skillfully combine the breast milk powder with high-quality resin. Each ring is precision-crafted, taking into account my clients preferences. Whether you desire a classic ring without any additions or wish to include hair, shimmering accents, or dazzling opals, I am committed to faithfully replicating your vision.

Reception of breast milk: We receive the breast milk from clients , ensuring precise identification to avoid any confusion.

breast milk for jewelery

Reception and identification

Preparation of breast milk: The breast milk is processed and prepared by adding a special preservative powder. This powder helps preserve the purity and integrity of the breast milk.
Transformation into delicate powder: Once the breast milk is preserved, it is carefully transformed into a delicate powder. This powder will then be used as a key ingredient in the creation of the jewelry.

transformed breast milk

Transformed milk

dehydrated breast milk

Powdered milk

ready for jewelery breast milk

Milk ready for creation

Creation of the mixture: The breast milk powder is combined with high-quality resin to form a homogeneous mixture. This mixture is prepared with precision, taking into account the necessary proportions to ensure the quality and durability of the final jewelry piece.

Resin forr jewelery


breast milk with resin

Substrate and breast milk

breast milk and resin mixed together

Mixture ready for creation

Shaping of the jewelry: The mixture is then shaped according to the client's preferences. I pay meticulous attention to detail to create an aesthetically pleasing result.

Curing and finishing: Once the desired shape is achieved, the jewelry is left to cure according to the specific process of the substrate used. After curing, I proceed with the finishing touches, polishing the jewelry to give it a smooth and brilliant shine.

Quality inspection: Each piece of jewelry undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure its quality and compliance with Fetstan's high standards. I ensure that the jewelry meets the expectations of our clients.

Packaging and delivery: Once the jewelry is completed and approved, it is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during transportation. I make sure that the jewelry is securely shipped to my clients, ready to be cherished and worn with pride.

At Fetstan, I take pride in my meticulous manufacturing process and the creation of unique jewelry that represents the special bond between a mother and her child through breast milk.