Breast milk rings

Discover the very essence of maternal love with my high-end classic breast milk rings. At Fetstan, I am passionately dedicated to crafting timeless, high-quality jewelry that celebrates your unique bond with your child.

breast milk ring with opal

With white Opals incorporated


My classic breast milk rings embody the natural and pure beauty of this precious connection. Each ring is meticulously handcrafted using expert artisanal techniques to preserve the original essence of breast milk. Whether it's a solid ring, a ring with a subtle shimmer, or even a ring adorned with an enchanting opal, each creation is one-of-a-kind and reflects your unconditional maternal love.

Every time you wear one of my classic breast milk rings, you'll be transported to a world of cherished memories and profound emotions. The natural color of each ring varies, reflecting the unique composition of each mother's breast milk. Whether it's pure and radiant white or subtly creamy, your ring is a true representation of your maternal journey.

At Fetstan, I understand the importance of every detail. That's why I create rings that capture the essence of your maternal love and are custom-made to your preferences. Each ring is a tangible symbol of your dedication and unbreakable bond with your child.

Indulge in the unforgettable experience of breast milk jewelry with my classic rings at Fetstan. Explore our collection online now and discover how these unique pieces can honor the unconditional love that connects you with your child.